Black widow spider


She is spinning her web,
Invisible threads that bind you to her,
Laying her traps to catch you but you cant see!
Think your so clever,
Your so focused on her,
Trying to evade her obvious moves that you cant see the invisible threads
Intertwinned with the black visible ones she is spinning.
Think your so wise
Keeping off the well light black threads she is casting towards you
Yet she watches,
Manipulates as you walk on the invisible threads.
Sticky sticky threads.
You start to realise that somethings not quite right
But its too late
Your stuck and as you struggle
The threads tighten.
You realise the game is up,
Her seductive smiles says it all.
She’s got you in her grasp,
Theres no escape,
You have to surrender to your fate.
She’s got you! Got you good!
Black widow spider.

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