Kate looked across the room at Alex and Becky who were looking very happy together. She on the other hand had a big plastic smile that hide the hate in her heart. “Stupid bitch. She will pay for stealing my man.” At that thought she smiled genuinely and went to offer her congratulations to the engaged couple.

Kate and Alex had met in campus. Alex was the popular, handsome boy who played rugby. Kate was the pretty, shy and quiet girl who played chess. They met in one of their computer general classes. Kate was a whiz the computers, knew everything about them including how to hack into computers. This of course was not something that she shared with anyone.

Alex started hanging out with her some evenings, asking her to help him with some of his assignments. Kate developed a crush on Alex and as time went by her crush became love then an obsession. Alex liked hanging out with Kate. She did not have any expectations of him. She was always there for him when he broke up with a girl. They would hang out and have fun.

When they finished campus they decided to move to the same area. Actually they were neighbors. It made perfect sense. They would be able to watch each others house’s when one of them was not around. That was Alex’s reasoning. And besides he loved Kate’s cooking. He often joked, “Where can I get another lady who treats me like you?

Well, for Kate it served a double purpose. She would be able to keep an eye on Alex’s relationships. Secondly, it would give Alex a chance to realize that Kate was the girl that he needed to settle down with. Unfortunately for Kate it didn’t work out like that. Alex loved her but as a friend. He saw her as his best friend, the one woman he could depend on.

Kate realized that Alex was taking his time in noticing her. She decided nothing would stand between her and her man. She started sabotaging his relationships with his girlfriends, in small ways which could not be traced back to her. Just when Kate thought Alex was starting to see her as his only dependable girl Becky appeared!

Kate blamed herself over and over about how Alex met Becky. Kate had been invited for a formal dinner, which was been held for a client. Since her date cancelled at the last minute, she asked Alex who agreed to be her date. She had never taken Alex to her work dinners. She did not want to share him with anyone at work. She knew that if he meet her friends from work they would keep asking about him and ask her to set him up with them. How would she explain that she wanted Alex to herself?

She moved around the room with Alex, all the women were checking Alex out. In her heart she said, “eat your hearts out girls, soon he will be mine!” Then Becky came over. A colleague, she was the beautiful girl with a good heart who everyone loved. No one ever had anything bad to say about her. She asked Kate for a present that Kate had left in the car for the client. Kate went off to get the gift leaving Alex and Becky together.

When Kate got back Alex and Becky were laughing like old friends. Kate had a twinge of jealously but thought nothing would come of it. But when they left Alex was speaking in glowing terms about Becky.

The next Kate heard, Becky and Alex had a date. Then two, soon the two were inseparable. Kate tried her usual tricks but nothing was working. The matter came to a head when after three months Alex asked Becky to marry him.

Kate realized that this time if she didn’t move quickly she would lose her man for good. And Kate wasn’t planning to lose. She wanted Alex and she would do what it takes to have him.

So here she was at the engagement party scheming on how she would get Becky out of Alex’s life. To anyone watching, her she looked the picture of happiness. If only they could see inside her head how she was planning to ruin the engaged couple’s happiness.

Next morning Kate went to work early. She went to Becky’s computer and typed in Becky’s user name and password. Becky was the chief accountant and she had access to all the financial data and online accounts. Kate hacked into the accounts and removed some money from the office accounts to Becky’s savings account. Over the next few days, she did the same at different times of day.

Then at the end of the week she asked for leave for one day to go help Becky to shop for clothes for the wedding. Then she sent an anonymous email from a bogus email account that she had set up to the CEO that someone in the accounts department was embezzling funds.

The next day she went shopping with Becky encouraging her to buy expensive clothes and jewelry to the honeymoon and wedding. She was setting Becky up to look like she had stolen money to finance her wedding plans.

The next day she reported back to the company as usual. She went into her office, the sign on the door written IT Manager. At around ten the CE0 called her to his office. He said that he had gotten a disturbing note that someone was stealing money from the company. Could she allow the auditors access to her computer so that they could check the transactions of the accounts department. Kate said she was happy to and left the office with a satisfied smile.

The auditors spent all week going over the records starting from a year before to the present. Finally they found the transactions from Becky’s computer. They gave the information to the CEO. He called the police and they came to arrest Becky at the office. She protested her innocence but to no avail.

Kate defended Becky to her workmates. She told them that maybe the pressure of getting married had gotten to Becky and she had decided to borrow some money to pay for the wedding.

Later, a heartbroken Alex told Kate “I don’t know what it is about me that I attract bad girls. It seems that every girl I meet is just pretending to be good. Thank God I have you. A true friend. Good and kind. I don’t know what I’d do without you. My best friend.”

Kate smiled. She was going to get her man and no one would stand in her way. One day soon Alex would see that they were the perfect couple.

Rayhab 2009

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