Tom and Jerry politics


Mr politician,
I wonder…
When you were a child did you ever watch cartoons?
Because from what I see you behave like one.
Your like Tom from the Tom and Jerry cartoon.
The big fat cat trying to make life difficult for the little mice like Jerry.

Mr Politician,
You sit in your big expensive house with your many servants,
Drive your big expensive car fueled with taxpayers dollars,
Even get an entertainment allowance which u spend on questionable “entertainments.”
While I, the loyal citizen pay exorbitant taxes to support your bad habits.
I have no food to eat, leave alone a big fridge like yours.
My children go to government schools,
Where for every one teacher there are sixty pupils,
While yours learn in luxury with computers and state of the art equipment.

Mr Politician,
Everytime I try to rise up economically, you bring my business down,
So that I may not complete with your multi-million business.
When I fight for my rights, you have me arrested and locked up.
Everything I try to improve my life and that of my children, you destroy.

Your so selfish Mr politician.
You only care about money and power.
Mr politician, I wish you do watch your cartoons,
Because I may be small like Jerry and your big like Tom,
but in the end I will bring you down.
No matter how many tricks you try in the end,
I will triumph because there are so many of me
And so few of you.
When the credits roll don’t you know
That Jerry always outsmarts and outmaneuvers Tom.

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