I was secure in my world,
Knowing that my world revolved around me.
I was the queen of all I surveyed.
Minding my own business because if I didn’t who would mind it for me.
Only to discover a coup was going on,
While I was daydreaming and skipping happily
In my dreams and fantasizes about how things would be in future.
I was displaced,
My world spun on its axis,
And instead of finding myself on the same spot,
I had been displanted,
Like being in the Equator only to find yourself in the North Pole,
It’s strange,
You always believe your world revokes around you
But what if you’re only human
And your world has been evaded by some aliens,
Intent only on destruction.
Destroying what you believe in,
Changing your life in ways that you can’t imagine.
They want to take over your world,
And make you a slave.
What do you do, do you fight,
Or do you run, run until the end of the earth
Looking for salvation
Or will the answer come in time
From the heavens?
Hello, is there another human out there?
Because am sending SOS!

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