beautiful 1

She drives you crazy.
You can’t stop thinking about her,
She is permanently etched in your mind’s eye.
There is something about her,
That grips you,
Makes you want to do crazy things,
Like say I love you,
Let me be the one that you go home to.
She makes you want to commit,
To say bye to bachelorhood.

What is it about her that holds you like iron bars,
Is it her soft lips that smile seductively?
Or her laughing eyes that one minute are knowing,
Then when she sees you looking turn shy,
Is it her face, ordinary yet beautiful,
Or her African figure,
Her swaying full hips.
Or those legs that you cant take your eyes off
When she deems it necessary to wear a skirt.

She is a contradiction.
Sometimes she is so shy with you,
Blushing when you tell her she’s beautiful
And that you love her.
Yet sometimes she challenges you head on,
Asks for the respect that is due to her,
No, today she’s not taking your bullshit.

The most amazing thing about her,
Is that she is so down to earth,
When you need her she’s there,
And she would never betray you,
Because you mean the world to her.
You are her Romeo and she is your Juliet.
And she really means it when she says I love you.
Sometimes she may want to strangle you
Or tell you to jump off a bridge because you annoy her.
But she knows that in the end,
She’s in it for better or worse because in the end
You’re the man she loves
And you’re her heart.

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