Mills and boons romance types.


I should, 4 know stop reading these mills and boons type of books. I should stop believing in love at first sight and meeting a guy and knowing that i want to spend the rest of my life with him. Maybe its the stories we used to read when we were young, the beautiful cinderalla who became a princess or sleeping beauty who was woken by a kiss from a handsome prince. Does it get better then kissing a frog who turns into a handsome prince( i wouldnt kiss a frog for all the money in the world). These fairy tales brought us up thinking of a man who would do anything to find his one true love. Yes fine i got my heart broken as well as broken a few hearts but i still believe in love. Maybe its the mindset i got from reading those stories or the real life examples like my grandparents that ive seen. Its true read love aint easy to find nowadays but i believe that the man thats meant for me is there. And maybe thats why i watch soaps because even though the main characters fall in love, break up and face difficulties getting back together against all odds they do in the end. Maybe thats why i read the mills and boons types because i hope there will be a good ending to my story, i hope. So no, i aint giving them up yet though i know i should.

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