Rat race – with a light touch


Whoever said life was a rat race knew what was going on in my life.
I envy the free rats that are in the wild
because I feel like one in a cage
in a wheel trying 2 keep those wheels moving
taking a break 2 eat something
then back 2 the wheel 2 keep it moving.
feel like an in a circus jumping through hoops of fire 2 make my boss money
yet at the end of the day all i get is peanuts.
feel like am always trying 2 swim away from the sewer,
the stink, the rot in my life,
but am not strong enough,
Because the currents keep pulling me back in.
Feel like am an experiment in the lab
with scientists observing seeing how much can she take of stress, pain,
going round in circles
ending up at the same place no matter which way i turn
then theres the predators the cats just waiting 4 me 2 step out of the cage
and damn if i ain’t in danger
its a man eat man society
and i guess theres no honor amongst predators
then theres this guy who writes the book who moved my cheese
about sum clever mice who get their cheese n eat it
then i wonder whats a rat to do to get some respect around here.

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