Baby Jesus


Innocent baby, lying in a manger, angels awatching, singing lullubies. The big shining twinkling star it provided light for the wisemen as they travelled to worship by his cradle, while little baby Jesus lay in hay as the animals looked down on him in adoration. Alas a plot was afoot to put out this new innocent light that was shinning. In darkness the family fleed into the night, seeking santuary. My sweet loving baby Jesus, from birth some they loved you and worshipped you as the messiah and king. Others they plotted your death, that blood shall be spilt and the cry of a mother would be heard through the night. Merry christmas baby Jesus thank you for shedding your blood that i may have life. Thank you for the light you shown in the darkness on christmas day. Merry christmas my Lord Jesus. Merry christmas one and all.

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