love song – part 1


Kamau stood at the edge of the shamba waiting for Nyokabi. He was so excited and he could hardly contain himself. He whistled as in his mind he formulated his life ahead.

When Nyokabi came into view he stopped whistling and watched her walking towards him. He thought to himself that he had never seen a more beautiful woman in his life. Nyokabi had a round beautiful face, with bewitching black eyes, with full lips and spackling white teeth with a gap in the front teeth. She had long black hair and a beautiful figure. When Nyobaki saw him, she smiled. Her smile was as blinding as the sun as when she smiled her dimples came out and her eyes twinkled.

When Nyobaki reached him she asked “well.” “I Got an A.” said Kamau. Nyobaki squealed and jumped to hug him. Kamau held her for a moment or two then reluctantly released her. Nyobaki pulled him to her and kissed him. Kamau was surprised he had not expected this. The kiss was sweet, Nyobaki tasted like nectar and Kamau could have kissed her the whole day. Then Nyokabi stepped away from him. She said, “I always wanted to try that. I loved it.”

Kamau didn’t know what to say. He had been in love with Nyobaki for years but he knew that they had class differences that were too wide to breech and so he had dared not dream about her least he got a broken heart.

Kamau and Nyokabi had grown up together in the same village in the rural area. Their parents had farms on adjacent properties. Nyokabi’s father also did business and had increased his wealth. This had not really changed the strong relationship between the families. It was when Nyobaki’s dad was made into an mp that things changed.

Nyobaki and her sisters were removed from the local primary school and taken to private schools. Nyobaki’s dad Mr. Mbae started letting the power get to his head. He stopped associating with the people in the village and started spending all his time in Nairobi. Mr Mbae then moved his family away from the village to Nairobi. the gals would only come to the village doing the holidays when they had closed school to spend time with their mother who had moved back saying that the city was too crowded and crazy for her.

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