love song – part 2


Mr Mbae started acquiring new friends in the city, influential politicians and businessmen. He now had no time for small time farmers like Kamau’s father. They stopped visiting each other and their families slowly drifted apart.

Kamau and Nyokabi remained friends though. They were the same age and had gone to primary school together. Nyokabi had been taken to a british ciriculum school and so she had finished earlier then kamau and already had her results.

Nyobaki had told Kamau that if he passed very well her dad would give him a job and pay his fees at university. Kamau and Nyobaki cheerfully discussed their dreams. Kamau wanted to do architecture and design and build houses. Nyobaki wanted to be a lawyer. After around 2 hours they left the shamba chatting happily unaware that they were being watched.


Nyobaki went home a happy gal. She had wanted to kiss Kamau for ages but had never had the courage. She put her fingers to her lips as she thought about the sweet kiss, her very first. She had never felt the way she felt about anyone else. She had always had a crush on Kamau. he was a great guy but abit shy. kamau also had a great body like one of those stars you saw in the movies.

Kamau was around 6 feet tall and had broad strong shoulders from working on the farm. he was actually nicely muscular. the most arresting thing was his eyes. he had black eyes with a ring of brown in them. he was dark, very dark but he had a handsome face. the thing that people liked about Kamau the most was the fact that he had a gud heart. he was always good to people.

Nyobaki went to their house and went to look for her father who had come home the night before. he was sitting in the sitting room watching tv.

Nyokabi said, “Dad, Kamau got an A. You had promised that if he did well you would give him a job and pay for his university.”

Mr mbae looked at Nyobaki and said, “Nyobaki i thought you were taught better manners then that. first greet me then you can tell me what it is you want. Kamau got an A. well thats good. He can come work in my office until he’s to start university then he will get money to pay his fees.”

“dad i thought you said you will pay for him university?’ nyobaki said.

“young lady do i look like a charity. I have to look for money to pay for your degree in the UK. i dont have money to waste on Kamau. he is not my son. if his parents had been hard working like me they would be able to afford to send him to university.”

“Dad,i told you i dont want to study abroad. i want to go to university in Kenya. i want to study here.’cried nyobaki.

“I have already paid the fees for the first term. you will leave in two weeks with the daughter of Njenga, the mp of Nyeri. you are going to be a great lawyer when you come back. That subject is closed!”

With those words Nyokabi’s heart sunk.

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