Teenage crush


Teenage years.
Racing hearts.
Sweaty palms.
Shy glances.
The intricate dance of seduction.
Oh to be a teenager naive,
Yet cynical about a man’s intention.

Your play on words is like a symphony to my ears,
Music as it were playing on my brainwaves like a Mozart piece.
You got me giddy like a young schoolgirl
Almost got me drawing the map on Africa on the ground
In a blush caused by your sweet melodious words about my beauty.

You must be a very smooth dude,
You have slain me with your sweet words,
Like chocolate your words have gone to my brain
Causing a chemical reaction quite like alcohol.
You might make me go to rehab to get over your intoxicating words.

Yet you are only a teenage crush,
You will be the first of many.
Yet my heart beats like a drum
When you turn that smile on me.
Damn you should sell KPLC rights to that smile,
It can light a thousand bulbs.

Going to bed,
I wonder,
Tomorrow will you hold my hand?
Or will you try something naughty.
I don’t know,
Still a gal.
Never been kissed.
Am caught between being good,
Obedient, the gal my mum raised me to be,
Or break the rules with you,
Go crazy, do things I have never done before.

You make me crazy, my teenage crush.

raylitpoems 2010

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