Am grounded,
Cant fly no more,
Fallen from grace,
Wings clipped.
Cant run on divine spirit,
I used to soar,
Above the oceans and the mountains,
Mounted up like an eagle,
Flying until I could reach the heavens.
Took my eyes off the goal,
Forgot that I need the wind to fly
And tried to soar on my own.
I slipped, dipped and then tipped to the ground.
My angel wings got clipped,
Hurt I cant fly no more,
My pride is in tatters,
I have no where to turn.
Everywhere I look,
They laugh that I have fallen,
Never liked that I could soar,
Others they fly,
Not at all bothered that I am fallen.
I want to rise,
Pick my self up
But am ashamed,
Am damned
By my actions.
I want to fly again
But I don’t know how.
I need new wings,
New hope,
I cant do this on my own,
So this is my S.O.S.

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