Beyond death


There’s this hole in my heart where your love used to be. And it cant be filled.

There’s this pain that i feel, and it cant be healed.

There are memories that play like a movie in my mind and they make me laugh or cry.

The things you taught me that now help me stand tall.

I mourn the man you were. Kind, humble, caring yet stern when needed.

How can I forget the many nights in hospital when you held my hand when I struggled to breath,
when you soothed me and told me I would be alright.

That i would get through this, that no matter how bad i thought things were I could get beyond it.

Somethings though you cant get over. Like when the grime gripper comes, takes and rips your heart apart.I feel anguish because there are times i would have loved you to hold my hand but you werent there. My mind understands but my heart, my heart bleeds.

No love, no man, no one can replace you. Replace that blood and love connection.

You are still my hero, the man i look up to. Death cannot end the love we had and have. You were, are and will always be my Dad, and i will always be Daddy’s little Gal.

We will live through you and you will live through us. Your part of me, of us. In blood, in DNA, in love.

My heart is yours for all time. My love for you shall soar, I send it to you on the wind and hope that its warmth shall reach you beyond death.

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