Love – hate


I love you but I hate you sumtimes.

When you dont call and you said you would. When i send you texts and you dont reply. When you’re supposed to spend time with me but you end up being late because of doing stuff, or hanging out with the boys. Or sumtimes you dont turn up at all and you break my heart.

I hate how you say you will spent time with your child yet your always too busy yet you make time even for non criticial things.

You take me for granted, never noting that everthing you do that makes me mad or cry is just another deadly stab in our relationship. The devil is in the details and you aint seeing them.

I dont want to hate you but the things you do, they slowly change love into indifference or hate.

Am just a gal and you are just a boy. We are women and you are men.

Dont be to hard, too much of a man that you cant bend to do some little things that make me happy. Because you dont bend our relationship breaks into little pieces that cannot be put back together.

I love you yet I hate you for breaking my heart.

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