Pesa (Mr. Cash Money)


Why can’t I stop thinking about you?
You’re like a virus on my computer (brain),
Refusing to be deleted and running
And rerunning no matter my attempts to delete you.
I think your seducing me with your smell and colour.
At night I dream of you, wanting to hold you
And during the day I chase after you.
It’s like your flirting with me, smiling seductively,
Drawing me closer to you
But when I reach out to touch, you varnish,
It’s like a mirage!
At the beginning of the month, you’re my friend,
At the middle you’re my acquaintance,
By end month we are strangers.
I want you; no I need you so badly.
Don’t want us to be passing ships in the night.
Please be closer then a lover and dearer then a friend.
Come my friend, Pesa and embrace me,
Tukuwe kama chanda na pete.

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