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I am afraid.
I know I shouldn’t say it out loud,
I shouldn’t show weakness.
These are things you tell yourself in the dark.
Dark recesses of the mind.

I am afraid of failing,
Falling to the ground.
I am so so far from the ideal,
Of where I thought I’d be by now.

I seem to be on the snail’s track,
While others are on the fast horse track.

I am drowning.
I can’t seem to get my head above water.
I am struggling to save my life by swimming against the tides
But the whirlpools they get me,
Toss and turn me,
Batter me against the sharp rocks.

I am bleeding and drowning,
I am afraid because I don’t know if I have the will to fight on,
To get to a better place.
Will l drown in the tides of destiny?

Raylitpoems 2010

Living In Fear

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