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I had a dream where I was having a conversation with God. I was actually complaining, saying I don’t know why some people are so extraordinary yet I am so average. I told God you bless some people with everything. Money, talent, ambition etc.

God looked at me and “said take my hand, child”. He led me to a room with a huge treasure chest and told me open it. I thought I’d find gold or silver. Something to make me stand out from the crowd.

I was surprised at what I found. The treasure chest was deep so I couldn’t see everything. There was a sling with five stones, a net, a wooden staff, some scrolls, a makeup bag, a jaw bone, a Technicolor coat, a basket with five small fish and five small loaves of bread among other things.

I turned to God and asked, “why are you showing me these? I want something that will make me extraordinary. Not this boring things that cant help me.”

“Patience my child,” God told me. “The right thing in the right hands can turn someone from the ordinary person they were to an extraordinary person who can achieve a great purpose.”

He pointed at various items.

“David used the sling with five stones to kill Goliath the giant fierce warrior of the philistines.

Samson used the jawbone of a donkey to kill hundreds of philistines.

Moses used a wooden staff to strike water from a rock and to perform other miracles for the Israelites.

Esther used her beauty to save the people of Israel.

Joseph used his dreams to save the nation of Egypt from hunger and ultimately his family.

The disciples used their skills as fishermen to feed Jesus the messiah.

The small boy gave all of his lunch to the disciples and this was turned into food for a crowd of thousands.

Paul used his writing skills to write letters of encouragement to people and the churches and ultimately become the author of two thirds of the New Testament.”

God said to me, “what turns someone into an extra-ordinary person is using what they have to do the best they can for me.”

He told me, “open your hands and look what’s in them.”

I opened my hands. In one hand I found pen and paper and in the other hand a basket of fruits.

I asked God, “what does this mean?”

God said, “the pen and paper is your talent which you can use to turn from the ordinary to extraordinary. The fruits are a symbol of the fruits of the Holy Spirit. They will help you achieve your purpose.”

After that I woke up and pondered on what I had seen in my dream. I realised that I was the one holding myself from being extraordinary. So I prayed and told God to take my hand in his and make me extra-ordinary through my talents.


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