Wrestling for freedom


Life had me in a chokehold,
I couldnt breathe.

I felt like I’d been sucker punched,
I was down for the count.
Tried to stand up but couldnt.
I lost heart.
Couldn’t stand.
Tried but felt defeated.

I could hear the cheering,
Urging me to get up reach for the rope then I would get a break.
Tried to think positive, to focus.
I had been training for this day
But I seemed to have forgotten what I’d learnt.

I was fighting for freedom, to get a second chance.
To move to new destinations.
Felt chained, my mind and body captured,
Put in bondage.

I try to breathe,
Strategize on how to get out.
I want my freedom, trying to reach out.
I want to be a champion,
A victor.
Need to get out of this …

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