I’m chasing you yet it seems you are always slip out of my grasp. You are like an Gazelle and I, a Lion. Am hungry for your company, chasing after you but when you sense I am near you bolt. Foolishness on the other hand is trying to seduce me to join her team. Her pleasures have no equal and her food is addictive. One taste and you want more. I want to be with wisdom but she is hard to find and even harder to understand. But foolishness, she understands me and only too well! She knows my weaknesses and knows how to force me to my knees. She is a temptress, a conniving witch. Yet still I seek and crave wisdom to be my companion, my friend. I want her to teach me, to nurture me, to change and transform me into a better me. So I pursue her and I know one day I will catch her.

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