A letter to my mother


Dear Mum,

Thank you for being my number one cheerleader and mentor. When I look back I could not have gotten to where I am without you. I was just thinking as I got my first masters results that I would not
be here without you, without your belief in me.

When I got my high school results I knew there was no way with those grades I would be able to go to university. But you believed it, even when I didn’t. And you encouraged me and told me that I could go and make it and eventually after a couple of years after high school I did.

You sacrificed for me, making sure my fees were paid. You encouraged me and told me that if others could make it so could I. And I did. Your belief in me made me want to be the best I could be and I worked hard to live up to that belief.

Getting that degree meant alot to me. Not because I could get a job with it or because I was now a university graduate. But because it represented what someone can do if someone else believes in
them and their potential.

When I think of how far I have come and my achievements I am so grateful to you. For having big dreams for me, believing in them and investing in them. I would never have gotten this far without your belief in me and my potential. When I look at where I am and the things I have achieved its because someone believed in me, my mother believed in me. I am so thankful to you for your belief in my potential. I am a seed that has grown into a tree.

Your words and actions have nurtured me and made me into the person I am today. My prayer is that when I have kids I will believe in them, their talents and potential the way you have me.

Thank you for being my cheerleader, my mentor and my biggest fan.

Regards. Your daughter Wangari.

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