Searching for love


Been around the world looking for love, looking for someone to be mine, someone to love me. I’ve been chasing love, because i didnt want to be alone, wanted to be cherished and love. I done stupid things for love, changed myself to get love. I been up because of love, my spirit gone up to the sky. I been down because of love, love done broke my spirit and brought me down. I been looking for love, and its hurt me. Love has left me broken, hurt and ashamed. But i never knew real love until i found you. You took me broken heart, my sorrows and put me back together. You showed me love, wiped my tears and made me smile. You made me whole again. Been around the world looking for love, yet you were always there, always waiting, always loving me. I finally realise that your all the love i need. Your my friend, my saviour and my king.

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