Sista love



She’s of my blood yet our relationship is more complex then just DNA.

She is part of me, she makes me complete. She makes me smile when am down. In any situation she got my back, doesn’t matter if am on the wrong.

She knows me like no one knows me, even my dark side but she loves me anyway. She brings out the best in me and I would do anything to protect her, even give my life for hers because she’s precious to me, and I am her protector, that’s my role in her life.

She’s soft yet inside she’s made of steel, she can bend when needed yet remain strong and sure in adversity.

She’s a daughter, a sister, a mother, a cousin, a grandchild, a friend. Each day many times she wears different hats yet she is the same person. She’s loving and sweet yet she can be firm and stern.

She’s my mirror yet she’s my reflection.

She is my best friend. My sister.

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