My new ambition or goal is to be happy. This may sound strange to you. Happiness is one of those things that seem to be easy to have in theory but in practice it isnt.

Its not about having things but about attitude. Its deciding that no matter what happens you will keep up the joy. Whether you have money or not. Its about keeping a positive attitude and always realising that there’s a rainbow.

I have to be honest, Ì had sank pretty low in the pessimist camp. There were nothing going right for me so why should I be happy. I hated my job, was miserable because my boo was abroad, was stressed because I was not using my talents and my relationship with God lets just say it was hanging by a thread. Lets face it I was living in a town called misery. Blaming not having this or that for my unhappiness.

I have finally realized its not what you have or the circumstances around you its whats in you that determines your happiness. Its your attitude and belief in yourself. You may have everything you have ever wanted or imagined and still be unhappy and not satisfied. And you can have nothing and still be happy.

Whats the difference? The attitude you decide to take and implement throughout the day. So I know am not where I want to be, or have the desires of my heart. Am going to choose to be happy anyway. Am going to choose happiness despite the circumstances.

I know I got a long way to go, attitudes and habits to unlearn. But a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. And thats my goal, taking the road to happier living.

Join me if you dare!

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