prodigal son


I wanna have fun and be free. This house feels like a jail, no freedom, no fun.

I want to party like my friends but my Daddy he’s stuffy, boring. All he thinks about is making money. But what is money if you can’t have fun with it, that’s my question? So I asked my dad for my inheritance. He asked me to reconsider, told me that I shouldn’t waste my inheritance on things that cant last. I told him I got to go, I got to fly. With tears in his eyes, he gave me my settlement and told me goodbye.

Yap yap yap am going to have fun. And the parties were good. I had money to burn. There were beautiful gals and explosive drinks. I was having a ball. I had many friends and every club welcomed me with open arms. It was going great until one day my money was gone. The beautiful gals, the flashy cars, the groupies and friends they were all gone.

I had to downgrade. I had no skills or education. I got a job in a dingy cockroach infested hotel cleaning dishes. I slept behind the back entrance of the hotel, where the trash was thrown out. Sometimes I was so hungry I ate things from the bin.

One day I got sick, real sick. I wondered if I would die here, alone, poor and hungry. I thought of my father’s house and how even the servants ate well. I wept when I thought of all my mistakes. I decided to go ask my dad for forgiveness and ask him to take me back as a servant.

I took the bus home. How different this was, I had left in a car and came back walking. I was so sick I could hardly walk; I dragged my feet as I approached what was once my home. Up in front I saw my father’s big mansion.

I saw my father standing at the entrance. He saw me, ran towards me and hugged me. I wept, confessing that I was not worth his love and I was only fit to be a servant. He looked at me and said, “My son, I love you and forgive you. I am just happy that you are back home. Come let’s get you cleaned up.”

I could not believe my dad could forgive me but I was happy I get a second chance. The prodigal son was home.

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