Slave to love


I’ve been a slave,
A slave to love.
I’ve been blind,
Blinded to reality!

I have given up my dreams,
Settled because I didn’t want to lose you.
When I look back I see,
Its me whose done most of the compromise
Because I didn’t want to rock the love boat.
I would have done anything for you
And I did.

Now my eyes are open.
I don’t wanna be a slave no more to love and passion.
I dont want to give up my dreams,
Not for you, not for anybody!

Its a new dawn.
Am breaking my shackles.
I’m breaking free of obligation and going with choice.

Don’t know if your coming with me,
The ball’s in your court.
But I ain’t bowing to your wishes no more,
Am massa to myself from here on out!
Because what’s love got to do with it?

Raylitpoems 2010.

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