My tears,they pool in my eyes at the mention of your death. They balance on my cheeks as they stream down. Then there’s a flood of lovedrops, teardrops that gush down my face.

I can’t believe I will never see your beautiful smile again. Never joke with you. It makes me sad that your life was cut short in the prime of your life. I feel the pain that you will never see another sunrise or sunset. See the beautiful blue sky.

Its funny how we think we will live forever yet we die a little each moment that we live. There are so many that have gone before you and each broke my heart. Now my heart aches for the ones that death stole from us.

I pray that God will receive you with open arms. I pray tonight there will be a new angel watching over me in the heavens. You are gone but you will never be forgotten.

In memory of Agnes Gakii. You were a friend and colleague. I never will forget that beautiful smile.

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