Lord of the rings.



From the beginning,

You were my precious.

I desired you like I’d desired no other.

I fought tooth and nail to keep you,

Wanting you all to myself.

My precious, I called you

And I enjoyed myself knowing you were mine.

After a time I started changing,

Changing my character to suit yours.

And all my dreams they vanished.

All I could think about was you and me,

You were my shining jewel, my blindspot.

Years later,

I had turned into someone I would never have recognised.

Losing you hurts like a burning arrow in the chest.

I can’t believe I let you go but I had to.

Else I would have tumbled into the fires of Mordor with you.

The release has come at a cost!

An aching heart,

Lost years that I cant claim back, just like Frodo Baggins can’t get back his finger.

Goodbye my precious.

I mourn you but I must move on with my life.

My precious.

Raylitpoems 2010

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