You play?


You think you’re smooth,
And want to make a play for my heart.
Boy, you think your good but can you play?

I’m not looking for a boy who wants to play snakes and ladders with my heart.
That’s a game of chance,
You may win or lose no one knows.

This ain’t a game of cha mama and cha baba.
We try to play house and if it succeeds well and good
But if not its goodbye.

Boy, you got to have a strategy on how to get me and keep me!
It’s a game of chess where objective is to capture my heart
And always keep me on checkmate.

The rules?
The rules are God’s rule.
You got to know your word because those are the only rules that apply.

So my question is,
Can you play?

Raylitpoems 2010.

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