Breasts make the world go round (Betty and Veronica)


This piece is to raise awareness for breast cancer awareness month. Betty and Veronica refers to breasts. People have different names for them, the twins, jewels etc.

Hurray. Lets hear it for the girls Betty and Veronica. They make the boys go dumb and put a smile on a baby’s face.

Breasts fascinate, captivate and they are sexy. Some people would die to have them and some people pay to give them an extra extra boost. The gals have supernatural power because they seem to occupy many a man’s fantasies and thoughts. Yet they cause many a girl’s grief and stress when they are too small or too large.

Big, small, round, sharp and pointed, bouncy or struggling to bud breasts cause debate and drama. Betty and Veronica are a source of power and food yet they are so vulnerable to disease.

Gals your breasts are an asset so take care of them. Get checked out to ensure they dont become a bad debt that must be removed. Guys we know you love Betty and Veronica so please encourage your lady to get checked. You could even help her, be her doctor for the night if she wont take flight or mind.

A breast check a month keeps the doctor away. So gals strut Betty and Veronica but always know their status it may save your life.


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