I wish:

I had come to see you in hospital and we had sat and talked. But I was too busy with my life with school and work I said tomorrow I will. Now your no more and I have time to attend your funeral but I don’t have you. Those are my regrets.

I had told you how much I loved you and what I needed from you. But I didnt want to rock the boat of our relationship so I kept quiet every time you broke my heart. Then one day the gathered storm in my heart broke loose and I told you its over. Yet my heart still breaks over you and I still love you. Those are my regrets.

I had studied hard in high school not buried my head in mills and boons. I should paid more attention to maths and not decide that I cant do this. Dubing other clever students homework but failing CAT’s and exams. Doing well in tuition because it was during holidays and I had to pass otherwise no tv.These are my regrets.

I have many wishes and many regrets. Many shoulda woulda coulda. Things I could have done and said. I wish I could turn things around but I cant because time is a cruel mistress. I wish but wishes as they say “if wishes were horses beggars would ride them”.

So though I wish I had done things differently what’s done is done. So now am left with my regrets, a bitter pill to swallow.

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