I wrote this for my Cucu – Peris Njuguna who was buried on tuesday 12/10/10. She was a blessing to me and I will always remember her with love and fond memories.I read this at her funeral and wept. It was what I figured her words would be to us who were left to mourn her. I think she would have told us to celebrate her life.

I know you want to weep that I am gone but I want you to celebrate. Celebrate my life, I am not gone, I live inside you, in the memories of the times we spent together. Take a snapshot of the times we shared and keep it close to you.

When you feel a tear start to drop remember:

The days when we used to play in the shamba with no shoes as we helped our mother.

Remember the days when we used to go to the river to get water.

Remember how I used to love pineapple and we had to walk from Kiamoria to Kiganjo just to get some pineapple.

Remember with joy my wedding where it rained as God blessed our wedding. Thank God for a loving husband who even as he took me from my wonderful Gachango family took me to another family the Njuguna’s who loved me and opened their hearts to me.

Remember the joy I had when I had my children and what a blessing they were to me.

Celebrate the fact that I received Jesus into my heart and he turned my life around. He has given me so much joy and so much to celebrate.

Celebrate the fact that I got another daughter to call me mum. Celebrate the fact that I was a grandmother to a beautiful child Emmanuel.

Celebrate the fact that life is a treasure given to every one of us. Only God knows how long he will bless us with that treasure. But we shall be accountable to him for it. And I know that when I stand before his throne, he shall say “well done good and faithful servant.”

Celebrate that we laughed and cried together. Celebrate that we had all those meals together and the songs we sang. And how I loved to sing.

I celebrate that I was loved and cherished. I know I was treasured and I will be missed. But this is not goodbye. This is I will see you later.

Psalms 23

For I knew that the Lord my shepherd, I did not want. He make me lie down in green pastures: he led me beside the still waters. He restored my soul, and he led me in the paths of righteousness for his name’s sake. Through I walked through the valley of the shadow of death; I feared no evil, for he was with me. His rod and staff, they comforted me.

Lord you prepared a table before me in the presence of my enemies: and you anointed my head with oil, my cup runneth over. And I know that goodness and mercy followed me all the days of my life until when I went to dwell in the house of the lord forever.

So let’s celebrate my life and give praise to God for a life well lived.

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