Breaking heart


You tie me up in knots even though we are no longer together.

You got a hook inside my heart that drawns me to you

And that cuts me when I try to pull away.

This love should be over,

But just because I wish it,

It doesnt make it so!

I broke your heart so I should be free

But I broke mine too maybe thats why am haunted.

My heart screams loudly for you,

Even though I try to drown it in loud protests that i dont need you

I can still hear my heart scream.

You were my first real love,

Leave alone the jokers who came before you,

They were pretenders to the throne but you,

You were the real King and you made me your Queen.

But still paradise had a serpent.

Distance, the serpent

drew us slowly apart and banished us from our Eden of love.

Banished our love became but I still think of Eden and our wonderful love.

Well we cant go back yet we cant move forward.

So at at impasse I miss you!

Wishing that this love hadnt, isnt and wont continue to break my heart!

Raylitpoems 2010

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