mood swing


It began like the sun at dawn
Filling the dull black skies with specks of lights
So was my mood as I awoke
Filled with anticipation for the coming day
Knowing the world was my oyster
And that I would shine all through the day
I felt so alive so me
Then during the course of the day
I noticed clouds gathering together
In my brain, cutting out the rays of sunlight
However, I paid them no mind
Gradually the sky grew grey
And my mood pensive
The clouds had gathered together, all bunched up
And were looking dark and threatening
By this time, I was alarmed
And started looking for shelter from the coming storm
Suddenly the skies of my eyes
Gave way and teardrops of rain fell
Soon faster, faster, and harder they ran
Drenching the surroundings of my person
No shelter in sight could I see
Looking far and wide in myself
Wondering whether the outburst would last
And how long it would last
Then when I was just about to despair
I saw in my mind’s eye
A beautiful technicoloured rainbow
And I knew then that things would get better
A few moments, it seemed like forever!
The teardrop stopped
And the sky of my eyes
Were clear and bright once more
And then I saw the sun appear
My heart had brightened
A dimple appeared on the horizon of my skin
And suddenly bright rays of light appeared
As I smiled and laughed
I was drenched but refreshed
The storm was over.

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