Amazing Grace


It’s this feeling inside me,

I want to burst into song.

It’s because of your love, it lifted me.

I was down, suffering a broken heart.

You gave me back my smile.

Even though some days my heart is black as night I still see your light

So lets dance because you are good.

Let’s raise a glass to celebrate that your in my life.

Let’s clap because you bring me joy.

There’s a feeling in my heart that makes me want to shout out loud,

Scream and shout.

Am in love, in love with you.

I never wanna let go of this feeling

Because it brings me up when am down.

So lets dance a jig, break the bones doing the twist.

Lets hum a melody.

Lets beat the drums and strum the guitar.

Lets shake our heads as we listen to the music

And tap our feet do a few footworks.

Your love is grace,

Your love was shame for me,

Letting yourself be hung on a tree for me.

I dance and sing for your love has set me free.

I sing for grace, amazing grace that brought me to my knees.

A grace that fills my heart and makes me want to burst out in song.

raylitpoems 2010

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