Mista Life


mister life

Mista Life tried to break me, to make me give up and accept what he offers me. Wanted me to say yes Messer whatever he says boss. I have lived the slave mentality, known my place and bowed down to the fact that in the food chain of life I was insignificant.

A mind revolution has come. I ain’t no slave. I ain’t broken if I don’t let life break me. I can fight back and win. I am giving up the excuses and taking up the struggle. Life you try to talk badly to me tell me “gal I run this town and you ain’t nothing if I don’t say you’re somebody. So bow down to me and keep doing what I tell you. Maybe one day if I am feeling generous I may make you into someone.”

One day I got fed up. I’m breaking my bones but I aint going nowhere. So I decide enough is enough. The day of reckoning has come. I got attitude. I ain’t talking these lies and this downtrodden life no more.

I walk up to Mista life, and shaking my shoulders and waving my hand I say “Mista you got nothing on me. I ain’t got to take your degrading life or talk no more. I ain’t a slave. I been letting you tell me what to do. I have been thinking all this time that you control me, that I can only take what ya’ give me.”

“ Well guess what Mista. I am gonna take a walk. No more listening to you. I’m taking destiny into my hands. I will not bow down to you no more. I know what’s best for me. So you, you can watch me live and love my life. No more begging for crumbs for you. And well if you don’t like it you can kiss the sun and burn to a crisp. Or go tell it to the moon? He can tell you all about making cheese from spilled milk.”

So I take my bag and hit the door. Then I put on my shades. “Because my future’s so bright I got to wear shades! My future’s so bright I got to wear shades!”

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