These chains they go click, click, click,
In my mind.
I am bound to you unexplainably,
Somewhere along the way I gave you access
To the open mental cage that holds my mind.
Somehow when I wasn’t aware,
(Or was I so memorized by your beautiful smile I didn’t notice)
You shut that mental door and went away with the keys.
I try so desperately to get you out,
Tried to drown you out with alcohol,
Tried to suffocate you in food,
Tried to bind you out with prayer,
Tried to wash you away with tears.
But still these chains you got on me,
On my heart, on my mind, on my body
They remain unbreakable.
Is it unthinkable that one day,
I may break these chains,
Because a life like this is unbearable?
The chains go click, click, click in my head.

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