Scared to love


I’m scared of falling in love again,
Because love has scorched me.
My love burned brighter then the sun.
I put myself out there,
Bared my heart, mind and body to you.
I put on hold my dreams to nurture yours.
I gave all I had until I was running on empty.
Now it’s going to be the first Christmas without you
I can’t help and think about the last few years.
Of the joys and pains, of the laughter and tears.
There’s no love like real first love.
It breaks me that we had to part.
That’s life I guess.
The ones we love are the ones, who break us,
Leave us with scars.
Hearts break, torn apart and too sensitive to the touch.
Scared of giving away the pieces of my heart,
To someone else because I don’t know,
If they will be put back together only to be shattered again.
My broken heart is crippled,
With invisible scars.
I don’t know if I will ever walk again.

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