rock of ages


You cant seem to remember the last time you were happy. Your life is shattered, fragments in time that mock you and the dreams you had. Your heart is bleeding yet your mouth is plastered in a plastic smile that doesn’t reach your eyes. At night you cry in bed, because you don’t know how you will get through the next day, week, month or year. Your bills are pilling up, your always borrowing never lending. Then you have that job you hate, that doesn’t fuel your dreams nor adequately pay your bills. Sometimes you fear it will all come crashing down.

Give it all to Jesus, those doubts, those broken shattered dreams, that broken heart. Lay it at the cross. No Jesus is not a magician. He wont make your trouble go away. But he can change things around for you if it’s in his will for you. He can part the seas for you like he did the Egyptians. He can provide sustainance for you. He is the mender of broken hearts, the creator of romance. All silver and gold are his.

So don’t give up, trade up to the love that never fails and a hope that never dies. He stands his arms open wide, a symbol of the cross, ready to receive you and love you. Jesus doesn’t promise to take your problems away but he promises to be there through the storms. God will never give you more then you can endure and he will always provide a way. Put your trust in him because he is the rock that cant be shaken, the love that keeps giving eternally and the master planner that has a plan for your life.

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