The beginnings – fragile


Mama Salma hadn’t always been a madam. Well it’s obvious she couldn’t have been born one. At one time she was a semi famous model. To understand her you have to understand her story. Salma Mrembo as she used to be called, was born in Lamu. She was the product of a liaison between a teenage Giriama girl and aBritish soldier who was stationed at one of the barracks there. The father, a Mr. Micheal refused to take responsibility for the pregnancy. Well he was already married in Britain and so he was just having some fun. Its not like it was anything serious.

Well it was serious. The Giriama girl was chased away from home by her parents. Those days unlike now, if you got pregnant it was a big shame on you and a bigger one on your family. She moved to mainland mombasa town where she used to plait hair. After giving birth to Salma, she was introduced to the night life by a couple of friends and since it was easy money she became a lady of the night. In those days, the sixties money was flowing. The country had gotten independence and there was lots of money to be made in development projects and industries so times were good.

In short order, Salma had two brothers and one sister of mixed heritage. But among the swans she was the most beautiful. She had inherited her dad’s hazel eyes, she had long, straight brown hair, light complexion, and she had a beautiful face. As soon as she reached teenage she developed a nice coke cola shape. She was beautiful and the men wanted her. Salma however, had a brain. She did not plan to be a man’s play thing or be a baby factory like her mother. She wanted to go to school and she did. She went to Old Mombasa primary and then went to a high school called Princess of York High school which was later renamed.

She went up to form four. She wanted to go up to form six but her mother was of the opinion girls should not read too much. “it will make you proud and then you will not make a good wife,” her mother would say.

“i wish she knew. I am going to marry a rich man and I will entertain his guests and be his companion.” thought Salma.

She got a job working in reception for one of the hotels. Many male guests would flatter, flirt with her and ask her out on dates which she politely declined. She was specific in the type of man she wanted to get. That is until she met Roger who fed her a dream for another life and she abandoned her plans for snagging a rich man to marry.

Roger came in one hot July day at around 3 o’clock for the first time. Salma was at the reception and she was wearing a white blouse which she had unbuttoned to her bra line to get some air. She had propped up her legs on a chair and she was taking a siesta. Business had been slow that day and she had drifted off to sleep in boredom.

Roger stood there and stared at her for a while then he rang the bell that was situated on the corner of the desk. Salma woke up to see this handsome guy staring at her. He had green eyes, sandy blond hair, broken nose and he had terrible sunburn, he was red like a lobster.

“can i get a room angel, if its not too much trouble. This blooming heat, it’s as hot as hell!” the man said in a British accent. “sorry to wake ya, doll. You looked so pretty sleeping there. Nice view from here i can tell you that.”the man said.

Salma booked him a room then the man asked where he could get something for his sunburn. “a couple of doors down there’s a pharmacy. You can get something there.”

“I hate to impose, darling but can you go get me some. I feel like am about to faint and i promise you it will not be pretty!” the man smiled and Salma felt like she could literally melt. She had never gotten a reaction like this before.

Salma agreed quickly wanting to get out of his presence and get her balance back. “my name’s Tony but i guess you already know that. Seeing as to how you registered me. Thanks love for going to get me the cream. Could you also get me some painkillers while your there” tony gave her some money and sat in a chair to wait for her. Salma called someone to stand in for her at the reception and went out.

Tony admired the view as Salma went out. “I sure would like to get to know that lady better. My my what a pretty butterfly.” he thought to himself.

to be continued.

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