I’m learning too late,
That I can’t delete the man I love in my mind with an eraser.
It seems he is like that stubborn stain that’s on your clothes,
You try everything but it the spot is still there.
I wish I could reformat my brain
But technology aint reached there yet
And I’m scared of chips in the brain they remind me of the 666.
I wonder whether that man he set me a trap.
Well he is intelligent, clever, loved that about him.
I think it’s been used against me.
I wonder if I am like a kite flying in the sky,
Thinking that it is free only for it to reach the end of the string
And it realized it’s not free.
False freedom,
I can soar but I must still come back to the ground.
I am caught up in strings and webs
From which I find I can’t entangle myself.

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