For the ladies – celebrating you.


Ladies raise your glasses,
I give a toast to you.
You’re beautiful, intelligent, kind, and helpful.
Lift up your head,
I know things have been hard,
Life has tried to break you,
And even when it didn’t you were left with scars,
So deep, sometimes it feels like a volcano is shallow,
Compared to the wounds you have inside.
You have fallen and can’t lift your head up high.
Self respect, self esteem and self love,
You aint got it no more.
But you know what you’re beautiful.
Your a caterpillar that doesn’t know that it needs to become a butterfly.
Don’t look at your circumstances or your past,
It will only hurt you.
Celebrate you, your still alive, and breathing.
Your past doesn’t have to be your future.
Realize that you are so much more then just what you see or feel.
Give birth to expectation, exploration.
Dare to dream, to risk for a new future.
Let’s raise a toast that though we have been broken,
We are not unrepairable.
Like a pot that’s broken, we can be broken,
Turned to dust, but we can be made again,
Into a beautiful vessel,
More beautiful then the original design.
So let’s raise a toast to you and me,
Because we are not done,
Our story is not finished,
We will rise again from the ashes,
Like the phoenix.
Let’s raise a toast to you, to me.
To all the ladies in the world.

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