Chocolate Kisses



Your kiss is like chocolate, sweet and flavored.
The taste of it is subliminal making me want to melt
Like the chocolate that melts on my tongue.
Our kiss is like the game one plays with chocolate,
A nibble here, some savoring there.
Then there’s the texture of the kiss, it’s like different kinds of chocolate.
The lips are smooth like dairy milk, soft and sweet,
Leaving one aching for more.
The tongue kiss is like fruit and nuts,
Different flavors mingling into one.
But one kiss like chocolate is not enough,
You got to have another taste.
There is nothing like the anticipation of opening that chocolate,
Savoring that sweet dessert it’s like lips that beg to be opened and kissed.
So as I savour this chocolate that devastates my senses
I think of you and your kiss.
Temptation calls to savor your tingling, sweet kisses.

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