A special guy, made me smile and my heart sing

I fell into a consuming love that made me long for his touch

Now time has gone, seasons changed

But still I have held on this emotion

Till it has consumed my heart

I have been cocooned in a web of my own making

Trapped in a love that does not fulfil me

Expectations not meet, longing for something

That he could not give me

Now like a caterpillar in a cocoon, I awaken

And break open from the ties that bind me

I emerge, unsure of this new feeling

I feel so free, like I can fly

And I do, I soar

I can smell and taste the roses again

I will never forget you

Part of me will forever love you

But I think I have outgrown the dream

Of you and me

A new world awaits me

A dance or two or butterflies

Goodbye, sweet guy

You will always be honey to me

But I can survive on nector

Goodbye, my sweet

Gone but not forgotten,

I fly soaring among the butterflies.

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