I have realized am not a superwoman. I tried to be, I did. I tried to be all that you wanted me to be, but in the end I aint invincible, I bleed.

I bleed when you ignore me, when you act like what I want is not important,
When you stay silent and I want us to talk, when I’m willing to give up everything for you but you won’t meet me halfway.

You make me bleed when you say I cant inherit our father’s property because am a woman yet once you grew you moved out, got married and never bring money home and I, even though I left, got married, still support them.

You make me bleed because when you married me, promised to be my provider, yet the barmaids and clandes see more money in a day then I see from you in a month. Am your woman, yet I have to be a man, do all the things that you my man should do for me. I have had to develop hard skin like a rhino.

Hey am working for my kids and I. Making a better future for me and mine. I’m saving to buy that plot, build that house, buy that car, and am getting that education to open doors for me, both financial and intellectual. Am making my dreams come true.

I can’t be your superwoman, it hurts too much. But I can be mine. I can be a warrior princess defending my right to be happy, to be fulfilled. To have all the things I thought we’d get together but you weren’t interested. So watch me fly, soar.

Happy international woman’s day to me.

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