Baby miracles


There’s sunshine in your smile,
And your smile is like a prism when it is held towards the light,
It sparkles and falls in multicolour,
Beautiful is the word to describe it.
I fell in love the first time I saw you,
Could not the believe the rush of love I felt towards you,
When I touched you and felt your fingers touch mine,
I felt a bond that I can’t explain,
But I knew this would be a lifetime love.
I will love you through eternity,
Gladly lay down my life for yours any given day.
I thank the Lord for you!
Giving me this chance to meet an angel,
Whose laughter echoes in my heart
And whose smile can lighten my moods.
I will always try my best to give you all that I can,
Christian counsel, love and other things,
And pray for you, leave the rest to God.
Always you are my sunshine on a rainy day,
And I will always love you, pray for you,
Watch over you and bless you.
May the lord watch over you and keep you,
May his angels watch over you,
May his grace shine on you always,
May his love follow you everywhere you go,
Baby I love You!

This poem is dedicated and about my nephew Sean and Niece Muthoni. Children are such a blessing and the love they bring out in us is amazing. They are truly miracles from God.

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