Am holding onto today,
Desperately trying to get through it without breaking down.
Don’t wanna look at yesterday, last month, last year,
6 years ago because I may turn into a pillar of salt, salt tears.
Trying to maintain my composure, block out the pain.
Its time to move on, but it hurts, leaving you behind.
Love hurts, breaks the heart sometimes.
I don’t hate you! I love you still
But it wasn’t working no more.
I gotta map my future alone,
Without you in it, though I go at it,
With a missing piece of my heart,
Heart that I gave you.
I’m holding on to today,
Trying to be strong, because I can’t glance back to yesterday
Or try to take a peak at tomorrow without you,
Because I may stumble,
The pain is just too great.
Holding on desperately, to today!

raylitpoems 2011

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