I want,
Your light to shine in me and through me,
Brighter then the sun,
When they look, see you inside me.
But I am weak,
I need your love, your spirit to fill me,
Saturate the whole of me,
Make me whole again,
Because I can’t give what I dont have.
Sometimes I feel so broken,
that I cant stand, raise my head up high,
But you know me,
You created me for a purpose,
You know the way I feel, hurt, despair.
You lift me up,
Restore my mind, heart and body.
Let your love burn inside me,
Chase away my insecurities, my feelings of unworth.
Let me see me the way you see me.
A masterpiece, a one of a kind creation.
I feel sometimes like am paddling,
when I should be swimming
But am grateful am not drowning,
one day I will attempt to walk on water,
One day my faith will be that big.
Renew my mind, my will to live for you.
Change me, mold me, transform me,
Into a disciple who walks in your footsteps.

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