Soul chasing


I wonder if my soul leaked out
And ran when my heart broke and bleed out my emotions.
There’s something missing,
Because my heart isn’t ticking quite right.
All the joy that was in me,
That painted my landscapes in vivid, living colour is painted black,
And my dreams trapped in space,
Can’t catch them in my sleep.
All my castles in the air crashed, leaving dust, ash and regret
Where once lofty dreams perched.
I hope my soul run to ride on a dragon’s tail,
To have adventures to chase away bitter tears, heartbreak.
I hope my soul went to look for joy,
To make a numb heart leap again.
My mind might then move forward from its emotional wasteland,
When my soul returns with renewed energy.
Then my mind, body, soul and emotions will agree on a path
Moving forward, healed and rejuvenated,
Towards the fate I have embraced.

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  1. Like morning dew happines evaporated
    Hastily as if shy of the new dawn
    My hands stretched
    My heart wept
    As the mist scaled the vast skies
    I’m now a shell
    An empty soul in a lonely cell
    I only look into the dank tommorrow
    Hoping for a smile
    To cool my sorrow
    I face the dull horizon
    Knowing for sure that beyond it
    Lies a bright summer season

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