Broken Lovebones


Fallen down, tumbled down the love mountain.
Wonder, how does someone recover after falling off?
Fall broke all my love bones.
Can’t walk, cant limp, can’t even crawl.
I ache and hurt all over.
Love doctors made a cast but can’t move.
Prescribed painkillers but after a couple of hours the pain is back.
Recovery hospital is hard.
Trying to get back on my feet.
It hurts so much to walk take even a few steps.
It takes all I have to move forward.
Wanna lie down and go into sleeping beauty mode.
Wake up when my prince arrives and wakes me with a kiss.
But I don’t believe in knights in shining armor no more.
Last one made me climb the mountain of love,
Only to discover that all he had were empty promises,
Not real castles or a real future.
So I struggle despite the pain to start walking again,
Slow but sure.
One day I know my lovebones will heal,
I may be tempted to adventure again.
To climb and conquer my now new,
But valid fear of the Love Mountains.

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