My song is playing!


my song

There’s the song of my life playing.
Telling the story of my heart,
Of my joys and tears,
Of my life, of unexpected curves and blessings
That made my heart burst.
The song tells the story of my journey of life,
Of the detours, roads that lead to nowhere
And highways to the most beautiful sights.
The story of how I have eaten from the pots of love
And drank from the bitter springs of pain.
I have flown and crashed.
I have cried and laughed.
My song has changed sometimes it rocks,
Sometimes it jazzes, sometimes it blues
And sometimes it’s full of soul.
My song, my song.
I’ve rapped my story,
Sometimes just played it out of key
And sometimes it’s played so perfect like a violin
That Mozart could have set the music to sheet.
My song hasn’t always been on beat
Or made me want to dance.
But it’s my song.
I will dance to my song when am happy,
Cry when it’s sad,
Clap when it gives an excellent performance.
My song, that’s what’s playing on my brainwaves,
Mefm100.0 right now.
So let my song play Mr. GOD DJ.

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